This has been the only IT project in the CFO’s purview that has been implemented not only within budget, but before the scheduled time.

SwiftAnt Implemented a Data aggregation and reporting system for a large African fuel distributor operating in 5 countries.

Digital C-A-R-E Methodology

CREATE |New business capabilities that can be created

AVOID |Which Manual / redundant operations that can be avoided / eliminated

ENHANCE |Business capabilities that can be enhanced

REDUCE |Operational Overheads / manual tasks / cycle time that can be reduced

Client Background

Dalbit Petroleum is an African business engage in trading, transport and management of Petroleum products in Africa. Dalbit Petroleum partners and collaborate with Depots (Fuel Terminals) and Carriers (transport and logistics) and has several contracts with its end customers and Carriers. Due to the long travel distances, Dalbit has contractual agreements for the allowable losses of the Petroleum products during transit process. Due to a lot of cross border shipping of fuel products, Dalbit has negotiated individual contracts with a number of transporters, the terms of these contracts are enforced using this system.


Project’s objectives include:

  • Easily integrate with existing business processes, with minimal disruption (as the excel driven processes at depots / terminals cannot be changed due to this new project)
  • Make reliable and consistent information available to the users on time
  • Generate the information in-house for greater control and use it for newer analytical insights
  • Reduce cost of getting the reports
  • Reduce Manual intervention while creating reports
  • Provide backup (supporting) data for Customer Invoicing and Transporter payments

SwiftAnt has worked with the CIO in 2 earlier projects and had the advantage of having excellent working relationship. SwiftAnt selected as the vendor not just because we have a relationship with the CIO, it was because we presented the most innovative solution, that augmented their operations with minimal disruption.

IT Solution

Solution overview ➜ Solution is a cloud native & secure web-based application, integrated with Excel files and Power BI embedded for analytics. System includes role-based security and rule based alerts, notifications and workflow processes across various functions.

SwiftAnt team’s role ➜ End to end system design, development, implementation and managed services provider.

Project Constraint(s) ➜ Must integrate with existing business processes of excel sheets driven tracking sheets, and at the same time deliver single point of truth.

Client’s involvement ➜ The entire solution was presented as “UX Prototype”, in the first 2 weeks such that, client personnel do not have to go through textual descriptions to understand the to-be system. This led to effective involvement of the Client personnel. With agile development, Client was continually involved in the project continually.


Quality Results : System development followed an agile development process, enhancements and improvements continue to be made on the system without any disruption to operations. The system has enjoyed a 99.8% availability since go live.

Timeline results : The initial system went live within 2 months of the project being initiated, two major Change requests have been implemented since then. This has been the only IT project in the CFO’s purview that has been implemented not only within budget, but before the scheduled time.

Additional Information

The system is now the lifeblood of their Transporter Operations - they get a real time view of where all the consignments are, how much the transporter should be charging them, consistent application of their transporter’s loss formulas for each consignment as well as better management of payments to transporters.

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