Client chose SwiftAnt to design, architect and iteratively migrate the applications to MS Azure Cloud (IaaS) without disruptions to existing business processes.

The migration is managed by balancing system maintenance efforts in a controlled manner, with great change management skills to ensure that the current business isn’t interrupted. In many cases, SwiftAnt team performed reverse engineering to identify business rules and rewrite parts / whole module.

Digital C-A-R-E Methodology

CREATE |New business capabilities that can be created

AVOID |Which Manual / redundant operations that can be avoided / eliminated

ENHANCE |Business capabilities that can be enhanced

REDUCE |Operational Overheads / manual tasks / cycle time that can be reduced

Client Background

IDCS Inc, has a large data center and has several IT applications (60+). Client chose SwiftAnt as the Vendor, to design, architect and iteratively migrate the applications to MS Azure Cloud (IaaS) without disruptions to existing business processes.


Challenge multi-fold as below:

  • Scale: 60+ application with several undocumented complexities and inter-dependencies.
  • Tacit knowledge: limited / no documentation of code.
  • Need for additional business capabilities through new Apps: few Mobile apps are required to be delivered with offline data capturing mode with ability to sync with online systems.

Combination of all the above, posed a set of complex challenges and required excellent change & risk management processes to make this a successful initiative.

IT Solution

SwiftAnt team’s role ➜ Reverse Engineering, Architecture Planning, End to end system design, development, implementation and managed services provider.

Project Constraint(s) ➜ Must integrate with existing business processes of excel sheets driven tracking sheets, and at the same time deliver single point of truth.

Client’s involvement ➜ The solution was to first come up with standard architecture & come up with a list of reverse engineering projects first. Reverse engineering was done (and is being done in some cases) with below iterative approach:

Applications were migrated in phased manner and required a unified effort from below resources:

  • MS Cloud Architect
  • Network specialist
  • Programmers (C, C++, C#, EDI and SQL)
  • Sybase and SQL DBA


Quality Results : Met and exceeded Client expectations. Client personnel can spend more quality time on Business vs managing the technical processes, which are either automated / semi-automated / standardized for monitoring processes.

Timeline results : This project Was delivered on time with improved SLAs and the client was able to realize significant savings.

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