SwiftAnt automated Business processes in a phased manner enabling client's personnel to focus on value added tasks

Client Background

Client is a leading logistics provider in US addresses their customer’s logistics, warehousing and product fulfilment needs so that their customers can focus on their core business. The client as part of their digitalization strategy wanted to automate manual operational processes that not only caused grief in managing their carriers and customers but also took a lot of effort and time from their key resources. The client wanted to not only automate the processes but also streamline and re-engineer it wherever possible.

IT Solution

  • SwiftAnt process analysts looked at the business processes and workflows to create as-is flow and then also came up with to-be flows in conjunction with the client’s business and IT teams.
  • SwiftAnt then started automating processes in a phased manner to deliver quick wins to get the confidence and approval from the senior management.
  • SwiftAnt automated the processes using UIPath as the Robotic Process Automation Tool and started rolling out processes every 2 weeks in production.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced processing times with predictable results.
  • Enhanced the brand image in front of it’s existing clientele with improved customer service.
  • Re-engineered processes that improved compliance, audit logs, data for analytics.
  • The client team executing manual processes were re-deployed to value added tasks.

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